Friday, April 11, 2008

R'ay V'Anyainu Part 2 - Explanation and Translation - Audio Shiur

Here is this past Sunday night's Baltimore Community Kollel Chaburah in Tefillah from Reb Yerachmiel. Due to the big simchas (Baby Girl! [Only Simchas]), the shiur is coming out a bit late this week, so big applogies.

Part 2 of our limud of berchas "Re'ay V'Anyainu" in Shemoneh Esrei, in which Reb Yerachmiel discussed the importance of this bakasha as our main tefillah for success, safety and "geula" within galus, as well as the hint of a varying kavanah in this bracha. The Chaburah also began teitching-up (translating) the words, which are our holy ammunition in this final galus.

You can listen to the shiur now by "left clicking" or downloading it by "right clicking" and selecting "Save Target As" AT THIS LINK.

-Dixie Yid

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