Monday, July 28, 2008

L'Ilui Nishmas Sam Seidner, a Tzadik Who Has Left the World


GINAT RISYA - Women's Bais Medrash

Tuesdays, Noon - 1:15pm - In Sherith Israel's Library

In memory of Sam (Shimon) Seidner

This past Thursday, July 27th, Tammuz 21 on the Hebrew calendar, a beautiful soul left this world.

Many of you remember Sam when he was the administrator of our Shul: a fresh pot of coffee always brewing, something baking in the oven and Sam constantly humming a "niggun"(a melody considered to be the language of the soul). Sam would greet you: "Hello Boob-ba-la." He'd shove a cup of coffee into your hand, pull out a chair for you and slide a plate of cake in your direction. He'd talk-to-you, sing-to-you, laugh-with-you, advice-you, cry-with-you, teach-you and inspire-you.

Sam was the heart of the Shul. He was the kind of guy who would pull a wad of bills, out of his pocket, and force it into your hands, even while his own family was experiencing financial difficulties.

And Sam would invite you over &over again to Shabbos dinner. He and his wife, Valerie created an unparalleled Shabbos atmosphere, infusing heavenly aromas, delicious foods, schnapps and "zemirot" (Shabbos songs) with lively,Torah discussion. Many families who came to Sam's and Valerie's Shabbos dinners became "Shomar Shabbos" themselves.

About fourteen years ago, Sam and Valerie made aliyah ultimately settling with their seven children and four grandchildren in Tekoa, Israel, continuing their countless acts of goodness and kindness. Valerie currently facilitates the Tekoa GINAT RISYA Midrasha.

GINAT RISYA World Wide will now include the following added section (underlined) in their opening remarks as Rebbetzin Posner was the mentor and close friend to Sam:

"This learning is dedicated in honor of Risya bat Shlomo Aharon -- ah-le-ha hashalom -- of blessed memory, and may her soul continue to fulfill the Rebbe's shlichus, the privilege of preparing the world for Moshiach. And also in the memory of Rebbetzin Posner's student, Shimon Beryl ben Yaakov."

By Margot Nash

Dixie Yid: P.S. As I was becoming religious I spent almost every Shabbos in the Seidner's home. Sam, Valerie and their wonderful family were a part of my life until, with a mixture of happiness and sadness, they made aliyah from Nashville, TN to pursue their dreams. They made a big impact on my life. Even though they have undergone so many types of misforture and suffering, they always maintained their Emunah and Bitachon in Hashem. I feel horrible for them in this terrible time and I cannot believe that we've lost Sam at such a young age. I daven that Hashem send nechama to Valerie, the children and the grandchildren.

(Picture of a playground in Tekoa, courtesy of Jewish Agency)

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Anonymous said...

Years ago, when we lived in Nashville, my daughter, barely more than a toddler, put her hand through a french door glass on Shavuot. Our host was reluctant to let us use his car on the chag to take her to the ER, asking if it was really necessary. I ran down to Sam's to ask if I could use his car. Without even a thought except for pekuach nefesh, and seeing the state I was in, Sam drove us to the ER where she was stitched up by a plastic surgeon. As devoted as Sam was to Torah, he knew the importance of saving my daughter's hand function. Torah knowledge and common sense...a winning combination. There is an emptiness, a void in the world without Sam Seidner. I am a better person from knowing him and calling him friend and brother. May Hashem comfort Val, their children, and their grandchildren.

DixieYid (يهودي جنوبي) said...


Thank you for your comment. He was an amazing man. The world will not be the same without him.

Is this Dwight?

-Dixie Yid

Aaron Shaffier said...

We moved to Tekoa a year ago and I just got to meet "Shmuel" a few times. Even for me, his presence is missed here.

Anonymous said...

Next to Rabbi Posner there hasn't been a single human being that has had a bigger influence on our Yiddishkeit for both my son Zachariah and me then Sam Seidner. Sam was the epitome of chesed...

His loving wife Valerie always opening their home to all (with whom we share in her deep grief), always filled with laughter and song... I miss those days of excitement, to be part of something very special... Something deeply connected to my Jewish soul...

We miss you Sam and we send our condolences to you Valerie and your loving family...

Stephen and Zachariah Kopels