Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ve'Lerushalayim Ircha: Bringing Moshiach "In" Our Days With the Closeness and Urgency "Of" Our Days - Audio Shiur

In his latest shiur on the topic of berchas "VeLerushalayim Ircha" in Shmoneh Esrei, Reb Yerachmiel of the Baltimore Community Kollel discussed the basic and more elaborate meanings of the words "Bekarov Beyamainu" ("soon and in our days"), as well the related phrase "Bimhaira Beyamainu" ("speedily in our days").

Additionally, using a yesod borrowed from his Rebbi, Rav Shmuel Brazil shlita, Reb Yerachmiel suggested a more novel upteitch to inspire us all to not only yearn for Moshiach's arrival in our days, but to help bring it (i) "with the quality of our days" ("beyamainu"), (ii) "with our desire for Kirvas Elokim" ("bekarov") and (iii) "with the middah of Torahdik haste" ("bimhaira").

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Anonymous said...

Yeyasher kochachem bishveel hahaklata

Anonymous said...

Great diyukkim! Beautiful shiur, as usual. Very inspirational.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting!

Anonymous said...

Great shiur from my local chaver Yerachmiel. Kudos for posting and Shabbat Shalom, Dixie Yid and Dixie Yid readers.