Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Aish Kodesh Lag BaOmer Music With Eitan Katz, Nochi Krohn, & Rav Moshe Weinberger

Somehow, Rabbeinu Raisin' Soul got a'hold of the audio of the musical portion of the Lag B'Omer Hillula for Rabi Shimon Bar Yochai at Aish Kodesh this past Motzoi Shabbos (which was awesome!). Eitan Katz, Nochi Krohn, and Avi Feinberg made the music and Rav Weinberger gave the Torah. Enjoy!

Take a listen.

Picture of Rav Weinberger from this past year's Hillula for the Piaczecna Rebbe, the Aish Kodesh, courtesy of Aish Kodesh. Click here to get Dixie Yid in your e-mail Inbox or here to subscribe in Google Reader.


Unknown said...

The audio is available for free on

Menashe said...

I'm a bit surprised you don't hold by the Arizal's minhag of holding sefira until erev shavuos?

Anonymous said...

what does that mean? The Arizal's minhag is not to get haircuts til Erev Shavuos. but that has nothing to do with aveilus

Menashe said...

That wasn't my impression. I'll have to look into it.

DixieYid (يهودي جنوبي) said...


Thanks for the tip. I guess that's where he got it. :-)

Menashe and Anon,

Let me know what you find out!

P.S. I only hold the first "half" of sefira, till Lag B'Omer.

Menashe said...

It seems that there are two different inyanim that make up the Lubavitch minhag re. sefira. Al pi the Arizal's minhag, we are makpid not to take a haircut until erev shavuos, including lag bomer. As a separate inyan, we are machmir on both shitos as to the time of sefira and refrain from listening to music on all days except lag bomer and the shloshes ymei hagbola.

Disclaimer: This is based on my own sevora