Friday, February 18, 2011

The comforts of home in the hospital

I was asked by a friend to post the following request for help based on her own experience having to bring her son to the hospital:
This Thursday night I experienced a miracle. I had to take my son to the emergency room in the middle of the night. I was completely resigned to spending the night on a chair sitting by his bed (and that was if I was lucky, I have had nights in the emergency room with no chair-when it was really crowded). I sat down on the chair and told myself that I should be grateful that I had the chair, but the strain of dealing with a sick child was really overwhelming. Baruch Hashem things were stabelized and I was able to fall asleep. Suddenly, a nurse woke me up to say that they had an extra bed, would I like to lie down. I felt like I had been given a hug from Hashem. How many times have we gone to bed and totally ignored how yummy and delioucious it is to lie down on a bed.

The next time that you lie down on a bed, in a house with healthy children thank Hashem for how lucky you are. If you would like to help someone in the hospital who needs a little of the comforts of home please buy some raffles tickets from Chesed 24/7 who built and maintain Chesed Rooms all over the greater New York area in more then a dozen hospitals.

Right now you can enter their Chinese Auction for free to win an ipod touch just by going to THIS LINK.
If you can, please bid on more items to help that organization, or you can just enter for the ipod and it won't cost you anything. Any help will be appreciated. The auction will be over a week from Tuesday, on March 1st.

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