Monday, April 16, 2012

The Difference Between a Ger and a Ben Nida

Rev Moshe Weinberger mentioned, in the Tanya shiur this morning, the concept, as explained by the Steipler, that a ben Nida has various negative natural inclinations that he must overcome, which are not present in someone whose parents kept the laws of taharas hamishpacha at the time of his birth.

I asked him how the negative, natural traits possessed by gerim, because of the nature of their spiritual roots among the nations, compare to the challenges of a ben Nida.

He answered that each one has different types of challenges. A ben Nida's inclinations can necessitate life-long battles to overcome. On the other hand, he said a ger's pre-gerus challenges (in overcoming certain negative midos and inclinations) are generally greater than the challenges of a ben Nida. But that post-gerus, the ger is generally free of any comparable natural-midos challenges related to his status.

Kol tuv.

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