Friday, July 5, 2013

NCSY Summer Program Video with my Old Advisor from 1993!

You may want to turn down the background music but this NCSY promo video for their summer programs b/c of the Three Weeks, but this is so cool. In 1993, I went to Israel with NCSY's ISS (Israel Summer Seminar - their mostly public school, co-ed, well-supervised tour trough Israel). Their current equivalent of that program has a different name but one of my madrichim on the trip, Barry Goldfischer, is apparently still involved! You can see him at about 1:30 in this video. It's scary but that was 20 years ago this summer. Ouch I feel old. But baruch Hashem, KA"H I now have a daughter who's old enough to go on an NCSY program (though as a BY girl, she wouldn't). Yasher koach for everything NCSY!!!

NCSY Summer 2013 - Where the Journey Begins from NCSY on Vimeo.

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