Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Men's Morning Krav Maga Class in Woodmere!

We are putting together a men's Krav Maga class two mornings a week in the social hall at Aish Kodesh so we can get healthy and learn some self-defense as well. It would be taught by Eilon Even-Esh, a frum fellow who served as a captain in the Marines and as a staff seargent in the IDF, where he served as a special forces soldier in the Dubdevan and Oketz units. During his career, he has studied Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Ju (Jew?)-Jitzu, kickboxing, and in the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program. Eilon also teaches Krav Maga to individuals and other groups so if you would like to set something up for yourself somewhere else or at a different time, feel free to get in touch with him using his contact information on his website.

The Aish Kodesh morning class would be Tue. and Thu .mornings from about 7:45-8:45, right after the 6:55/7:05 minyan. It will therefore be over in time to catch the 9:06 train. It would take place in the social hall and the mechitza or dividing wall would be set up for privacy. 
The first class will be free so anyone who thinks he may be interested can see what's involved, how it works, and what we'll be learning. That first sample class will take place a week from this coming Tuesday (Feb. 4th) at 7:45 a.m. People who want to explore joining the class at a later date will also be able to get a free class to see what it's about before starting.
Because of Eilon's and his wife's special connection to Aish Kodesh, we have a special price which I can discuss with anyone who gets in touch with me (don't want to put it on the blog). In order to get that rate, we'll need a minimum of 8 guys.
Please contact Binyomin Wolf at 516-668-6397 or using the email address at the top of the right sidebar for more information and/or to let him know you may be interetsted (though you can just show up for the first class). You can learn more about Eilon from these articles (one, two, and three) and his website.

Update Jan 30, '13: You can now click here to listen to Charlie Harary's interview with Eilon from this  morning. Very interesting!
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