Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cool new Videos for Camps Mogen Av, ACH, Masmidim, SHMA Camps Kollel, Sternberg, Pioneers, and Anna Heller

Cool new videos made by David Jassee for Camps Mogen Avraham, Avraham Chaim Heller, Mogen Av's Masmidim Program, the SHMA Camps Kollel (all of the foregoing on the boys' campuses), Sternberg (my second daughter's camp), Sternberg's Pioneers program, and Sternberg's Camp Anna Heller program (my older daughter's camp). Enjoy! [Updated 4/9/13 with updated videos]
Camp Mogen Avraham:

SHMA Camps Kollel Program:

Camp Mogen Avraham's Masmidim Program:

Camp Avraham Chaim Heller:

Camp Sternberg:

Camp Sternberg Pioneers:

Camp Anna Heller at Sternberg:

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