Monday, June 11, 2007

Master Mussar Series - Sponsors L'zecher Nishmas Needed

I'm posting the following announcement for a friend. It is an opportunity for you to dedicate the making of a Master Mussar series of Shiurim by R' Kosman. It'll be a zechus to the rabim and an ilui neshoma for the person in whose name you dedicate it. Please consider contacting him. Thanks.

-Dixie Yid

Master Mussar Series Sponsors Opportunity & Master Mesillas Yesharim and Master Sifsei Chaim Now Available

Five Towns Chassidus has been working on a new project with HaRav Kosman, shlita, from Slabodka Yeshiva in Bnei Brak - the author of Sefer Ahavas Tzvi on Yevamos, Otzros Ktzos Hachoshen, and Otzros R' Akiva Eiger, and Maggid shiur of the Master Daf, Master Mishna, Master Mishna Berura and Master Rambam (amongst others) audio cassette and CD-Rom series. (In the "Master" series (for Mishna and Shas) every word is read in its original Hebrew and Aramaic, then translated into clear English, and explained according to the basic meaning of the text.)

We have been working with HaRav Kosman for the past year on a "Master" project for other popular sefarim, to assist in learning and finishing sefarim more quickly and to allow for easy review etc.... B"H, with the help of sponsors, we have thus far completed Mesillas Yesharim and Sifsei Chaim on Shabbos (by HaGaon R' Chaim Friedlander, Zt"l) - the Sefarim are read sentence by sentence, word by word, with every verse clearly explained in English, according to the leading commentators. Highlights from the leading Commentaries are also drawn upon. Both of these CDs are now available (email us for details on how to get a copy - $30/each).

We're looking for sponsors so that we can make more popular sefarim available. Sponsors can have the CDs dedicated in the memory of or L'kavod a loved one - the first shiur will mention the name, and it will be put on the jacket of the CDs when sold.
Our next project will be the Sefer Chovos HaLevavos. If you'd be interested in sponsoring the next project, please let us know - email at fivetownschassidus @

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