Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Ruach Shtus and the Psychology of Aveira

Please see my guest posting at A Simple Jew, and please comment if you are so inclinded. Below is the text of his question to me:

A Simple Jew observes:

There are occasions when a person does an aveira and is completely cognizant that it is wrong. Simultaneously, he believes that his action is not a brazen act of defiance against Hashem. The Gemara (Sotah 3a) states that a person does not commit an aveira unless a momentary ruach shtus (spirit of insanity) enters him. It appears to me that perhaps the convoluted mental process and cognitive dissonance described in the above scenario is an example of this. Time after time, this scenario repeats itself and we stumble once again. Sometimes it seems that even though we may attach ourselves to tzaddikim, we still remain turkey princes.

-Dixie Yid

(Engraving of Jonah awaiting the fate of Nineveh)

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