Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Derech Hamelech Needs Help to Continue Its Unique Role Among Yeshivos

Dear Friends and Family of Derech HaMelech, PLEASE take the time to read this important message!

As we conclude the fourth successful year of Derech HaMelech, we are also about to complete the last portion of our smicha program. In a few weeks, the members of our kollel, many of whom have formed the backbone of the yeshiva since its inception, will receive rabbinical ordination after having completed a rigorous curriculum in practical Jewish Law. The young men have spent the past three years studying the laws of kashrus, Shabbos, and family purity at the highest level of scholarship. The group is scheduled to receiving comprehensive testing from Rav Mordechai Friedlander, Rav Asher Weiss, and Rav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg prior to their ordination.

We extremely proud of their monumental accomplishment, having personally witnessed how far each one has individually come from the time that they first arrived at the yeshiva all those years ago. Many of them had never even experienced learning from the Shulchan Aruch, the Code of Jewish Law. Now they have become real first class scholars and are all ready to go on to become leaders of the Jewish people. Of course none of this could have been possible without the unending devotion of Rosh Kollel, Rabbi Yeshua Levine, whose expertise and clarity has lifted everyone up to a new level.

In addition to this, over the past four years of Derech HaMelech’s existence, we have helped spiritually and physically to marry off over 30 students, we have trained dozens of them to go on to become sofrim, ritual scribes, and helped countless more to find their own personal connection with Torah and divine service so that they will eventually be ready to raise beautiful Jewish families of their own. Our website receives thousands of visits each month and enables the greater English speaking public around the world to gain from our inspirational classes in Chassidic thought, Talmudic history, and Jewish Law all for free. We have already surpassed our highest expectations and we will continue to reach our dreams and goals in the future, b’ezras Hashem.

As we all know, this has been a difficult year for everyone. Although we are all struggling to make ends meet, yeshivas and other non-profit organizations have been hit the hardest. Unfortunately, Derech HaMelech is no exception. Personally I have incurred tremendous personal debt over the past four years in order to keep the yeshiva going. This year alone, the yeshiva has taken on a critical deficit. As much as I wish that I could continue to shoulder this burden alone, I am forced to turn to the greater Derech HaMelech community to help us to continue. With your help, MUST raise $40,000 in the next few weeks in order to open our doors in Elul. We won’t be able to meet this goal unless we all make a conscious effort to keep this special Torah community alive. We strongly believe that we can do it—but we need help from each and every one of you.

Derech HaMelech continues to fill a gap in the English speaking yeshiva system in Israel, offering warmth and spirituality together with the highest level of Torah study. Based on our unparalleled successes over the past four years, we believe that Derech HaMelech must continue to exist to provide our present and future students with the tools to live their lives according to the Torah and to go on to help to make the world a better place. If everyone who shares this dream with us were to chip in, there is no question that we can continue to make this dream into a reality.

With all of our best wishes and gratitude,

Baruch Gartner

P.S. Please feel free to contact me personally if you have any questions of how you can help.

The easiest way to donate is thru our website (For online donations, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Or checks can be sent to our New York office
c/o Rabbi Yoseph Abramowitz
Yeshivas Derech Hamelech
1846 49th street
Brooklyn NY 11204

R. Baruch Gartner
Founder and Dean
Yeshivas Derech HaMelech

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