Friday, February 26, 2010

Breslover Shoshanas Yaakov - Yosef Karduner Video

I'm not sure whether it's in stores yet, but Yosef Karduner just came out with a CD of Friday night Zmiros using traditional Breslov niggunim. It's great. I especially like "Azamer B'shvachin" which I've never been able to learn but IY"H I will now. It's also nice because it has a solo featuring Shul Rand. The only disadvantage of this CD relative to his awesome Breslever Melaveh Malka CD is that you can't play it during the Friday night Zmiros to assist in the learning process! I guess I'll just have to listen to it in the car till I can pick up on it...

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Gandalin said...
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Gandalin said...

Dear Dixie,

Happy Purim - chag kasher v'sameach!

I listened to the online samples of the Karduner CD, and the tunes are excellent!

However, without taking anything away from this new CD, I would like to remind you and your legion of avid readers, that these Breslover niggunim are already available on an excellent CD prepared a number of years ago by the Breslov Research Institute. The CD with the first set of Shabbos niggunim is called Azamer Bishvachin.

The B.R.I. has also published the words and music of these tunes, in a separate volume.

Happy Purim!