Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hilarious Adar Dancing Antics at YU - Great Video!

I can't take it! These guys are hilarious. As kind of a sequal from their Finals Ruckus video last month, this was the "Marbim b'simcha" for Adar that some of the "Stollel" guys at YU introduced two days ago, on Tuesday at YU. Check out the instigator's introduction:

Since the initial first night rikud on Rosh Chodesh Adar outside the new Glueck beis midrash there hadn’t been much Adar spirit in the air of Washington Heights. With Purim just seven days away it was apparent that something had to be done.

I decided we would bring a giant speaker to Y.U. and position it in Garritanya’s room, conveniently located at the end of the hall in Morg facing Amsterdam Avenue and blast this new Purim Na Nach into the street in an attempt to bring great joy to the whole city.

Next, we needed to assemble a group of the biggest crazies that Y.U. has to offer to come and dance when the music would be played. The only way to do that would be to build up unfounded hype that something grand was going to take place in the street at that time. I put up signs, of course with the YU emblem attached, that there would be “A Gathering” on Tuesday on the corner of 186th Street at 12:15 . Everyone should just wait there and then react when something happened.

CLICK HERE to see the promotional flyer they used and read the full back-story. Gevaldig simcha'diker Yiddin.

I'm sure some of our precious and prickly bretheren will take issue such purported "holelus," but I say "Rock on!" Too few of us have simcha and geshmak in Yiddishkeit and we need all that we can get.

Hamsheich vaiter!

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Anonymous said...

And Rav Yitzchak Cohen joined in the rikud! That is unbelievable!