Friday, April 9, 2010

Rabbi Boshnack's Shiur on Sfiras HaOmer & His New Beis Yaakov of Izbitz Source Sheet

Rabbi Boshnack has done it again. Please CLICK HERE for a pdf he used a shiur on the Beis Yaakov of Izbitz on Parshas Shemini. It's amazingly elucidated and illustrates how the Izbitzer can show you a new way to look at things. It's eye opening and explains what the Beis Yaakov is saying very well. His sheets are also organized to highlight the inevitable "Izbitzer Twist" and the "Practical Advice" that comes from the Torah.

Also, he gave a shiur on Sefiras HaOmer which you can listen to AT THIS LINK. (47 MB mp3 file)

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