Monday, September 26, 2011

Posting Live on the Uman Drive - Chaim Freud Edition

Here is the first entry by Chaim Freud, another heilige Yid who's making the thirty hour journey to Uman for Rosh Hashana through many kivrei tzadikim. See above for the video I made last year after my first trip to Uman for Rosh Hashanah, chronicling the stops on the way, erev and post-Rosh Hashana, and the place we stayed. Now for Reb Chaim's travel log:
We are now leaving the Bal Hatanya in Haditch. We were greeted by a Chabadnick who was in from Israel with his family along with other Chabadnickers. He and his wife served us hot soup fresh danish coffee and provided a hot Mikveh.

We all felt what the seforim teach that Hashem is always present for our tefillos but in Elal the king leaves the palace and comes to the to be with the presence. We are they, the sense was so powerful. The buildings and expansion of this holy site is a true wonder. After speaking to the Rabbi know as shoo shoo (shoe shoe) we discovered we both know Dr. Dovid Schechter of Cederhurst. I phone Dovid to find he was do a Mazel Tov on a baby boy. Our great group gathered for mariv and tehillim. We all sang and danced in a Circle ( for a circle has no beginning or end all sides are equal) as are all Jews with there special nekoda tova together and only together make klal Yisroel. We sang a famous song from the Bal Hatanya with the words of net net nikavo kromo bogo od navo........ Meaning there is only Hashem and no other. This special song was taught to me by my chaver Simcha Alex Gofer. Our driver slept for two hours and our co driver Yuri now took the wheel and is leading us to the great Kedushas Lavi - Rav Lavi Yitzchok ben Sorah Sasha in the city of Berditchiv. Our trip is about 375 miles. All are asleep now here and are recharging to be ready to daven for mercy and health and all prosperity in the zichos of the defender of the Jewish people.

Stay tuned as we trek the roads trough the night.

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