Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Maccabeats Rosh Hashanah Video

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Shmuel said...

I wonder if Rav Schachter is aware he made it into the new Maccabeats video...:)

Dovid Kornreich (Dr. Jekyll) said...

I'm wondering why there are so many women appearing in this video when all their previous ones had absolutely none.
I'm not criticizing, but just noting a possible negative trend that is beginning.

Anybody have some inside info?

DixieYid (يهودي جنوبي) said...

Shmuel, I'm sure he is. That is very professional equipment they are using and I'm sure there was a lot of setup required for every shot, including that one, so -km sure he was asked in advance and agreed. :-)

Dovid, I certainly don't have any inside info. Although the song of the video is not as catchy to me as the others, my main thinking about the progression of this video relative to the others is about the universalist versus parochial focus.

In one sense, this one is more parochial than the others. It takes place in a shul, the men are davening from sidurim, wearing taleisim, the women are wearing sheitels and dressed very "tzniyusdik," so one might think it might have a more parochial appeal within the religiously engaged orthodox world. On the other hand, although the "lessons" the characters learned in the video are applicable to anyone, from frum Jew to gentile, the topics they touch on and the way it's done for the most part seems to be shooting for more of a universal appeal.

It's an interesting combination. I also like Uri Westrich's cameos in all the videos.

Kol tuv!