Monday, September 26, 2011

Posting Live on the Uman Drive - Dov Perkal Edition

Several of my friends are taking a thirty hour bus ride to Uman. It only takes 2.5-3 hours to get there from the airport in Kiev, but they are stopping by several kivrei tzadikim to daven on the way. B"H, they are taking the time out to write about the experience as they go. Video above is of the Alter Rebbe's tziyun in Hadich. Here is Dov Perkal's first entry:
We arrived in kiev @ 12:00 noon and passed through customs with ease. This process used to take 1-2 hours. Hashem is constantly upgrading our lives.

12 of us boarded the van and we are on our way to Haddich to visit the kever of the Baal Hatanya. As we boarded the bus we broke out in song Singing Ashrenu mah tov chelkenu shezochina liskorov lirabenu. In the zechus of going to these mikomos hakadoshim may we merit to come close to hashem yisborach. These giants of klal yisroel were and are korov with hashem. With their help perhaps we can get a little clser this year.

We arrived in Haddich an 9:30pm and stopped to tovel at the mikva. Who would know that a hot shower, clean mikva, and a hachnasas orchim room with hot coffee, hot vegitable soup, and kosher Ukrainian Cavier would be waiting for us. We met up with the Shames that takes care of the kever. His family has been taking care of the kever for more then 150 years. What a zechus. We davened Mariv, said tihillim, and sang some niggunim. What a helig way to connect to Hamelech Hakodosh just days before Rosh Hashana.

My wonderful chaver Chaim Freud, who made all the arrangements for travel food and accommodations for our group took the time to prepare photo copies of torahs of each of the Tzaddikim we are going to visit. Another beautiful way to connect to the tzaddik and ultimately to Hashem.

Here we are back on the bus, our chevra, hand picked by Hashem yisborach to be michazek each other and elevate each other, closer and closer to Hashem. We have 6.5 hours till we get to Bardichiv. There we will have the zecus to be at the kever of Reb Levi Yitzchak ben sorah sasha. Imagine, its an unbeleivable zehus just to utter his name. We have the zechus to stand at the mokom hakivurah of this Tzaddik. Please Hashem, give us the clarity, insight and the ability to open our hearts, our minds, and our lips and utter your praise. Infuse us with the proper kavonos and tiffilos so that we can merit to fix our kelim, so we may receive your shefra brocha me'elyona. I hope and pray we come home with treasures for our families, chaverim and all of klal yisroel.

To be continued..........
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