Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Kids are Listening to Boys' Choirs!

The other day my 2 and a half year old son came to my wife and said, "I want Moshiach!" My wife was surprised and told him that that was great! He didn't seem satisfied and pulled her to the other room where our computer is and kept repeating, "I want Moshiach! Give me Moshiach!" It was then that she realized that he was talking about this music video by "Kinderlach," an Israeli boys choir.

The words they are singing are nice but I think the rap style and Michael Jackson-esque choreography are in very poor taste. It's a shame to see Jewish boys trained to sing such nice words in such a way which is imitative of the baser elements of society. In considerably better taste is the other favorite song of the aforementioned two and a half as well as our four year old, the song Kol Hamispalel by Yeshiva Boys Choir.

Aside from the silly choriography shots from the Queens College concert theat were interspersed throughout this video, I thought it was cuter and a little bit more innocent. The tune is also catchy. I am aware that I am risking raising the ire of the concensus of the Jblogosphere who find boys choirs as bad or worse than the "shiny shoe" music. In my defense, let it be known that the music that currently resounds in my car is Eitan Katz Unplugged doing Carlebach, Yosef Karduner's Breslover Melaveh Malka and Erez Levanon HY"D's Ohr Balev.

Although, is this any better?

-Dixie Yid


Anonymous said...

I must say you are right and it looks ridiculous like they are deliberately trying to look like a goyish music troupe and of all things they are singing about Moshiach. I wonder what Eliyahu Hanvi would say about this?

Anonymous said...

If one copies the manerisms of other people they may start acting like them. It's a crime to make nice Yiddishe "kinderlach" perform in that manner.