Friday, November 6, 2009

My Son Explains Why the Sun is Not Visible When It Rains

Conversation this morning between my seven year old daughter and four year old son:

Seven: Why is it sunny outside if it's so cold?

Four: Because it's the morning.

Seven: But then is it sunny on rainy mornings?

Four: No, Hashem doesn't put out the sun when it's raining because He doesn't want it to get wet!

Picture courtesy of dailyclipart. P.S. Notice that a small portion of the "sun" is covered up by the umbrella. Click here to get Dixie Yid in your e-mail Inbox or here to subscribe in Google Reader.


Anonymous said...

Check out Rav Pincus' yesod on rainclouds printed in his sefer Tiferes Torah on the Parsha, the maamer on Makas Barad!

NonymousG said...