Friday, March 7, 2008

Conversation With My Five Year Old

Me (pouring cereal into her bowl): Okay, say "when..."

Her: (immediately) When!

Me: That's enough already?

Her: No, but you told me to say "when."

Ah, my literal children. I have to be more careful with how I ask things. :-)

-Dixie Yid

(Picture courtesy of dkimages)

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Anonymous said...

There is a great story with the Belzer Rebbes on Pesach with a similar theme. The father was doing all the things required "in order the children should ask". The son was just standing quietly not uttering a word finally flustered his father said aren't you interested why we are doing all theses strange things? The son matter of factly answered so he answers on a father we ask no questions!!!
I thing it is in the Haggadah of the Hassidic Masters

AF said...

You should always tell this story to the apikorsim that insist on literal understanding of Torah -- or understanding it without the context of the Torah She'bealpeh.