Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Purim, Yom K'Purim & "Slach Lanu" - Audio Shiur

Here is this past Sunday's edition of Reb Yerachmiel's Baltimore Community Kollel Chaburah with Reb Yerachmiel.

They discussed the famous Zohar which teaches that Purim is even greater than Yom Ha'KiPurim, since Purim is not just a time for Teshuva, but is more specifically a time for Teshuva inspired by our love of Hashem and our yearning to grow ever-closer to Him. In connection therewith, we teiched-up the entire Sixth bracha of Shemoneh Esrei, "Slach La'Nu" in an effort to show how virtually every single word of this bracha is designed to be a spring-board not only to Teshuva, but to Teshuva May'Ahava!

You may listen to the shiur online HERE or download it HERE (to download, right click and select "Save Target As."

-Dixie Yid

(Picture courtesy of apod.nasa.gov, originally seen at avakesh)

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Thanks, Dixie Yid.