Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thoughts on Our Response to Today's Attack on Yeshivat Merkaz Harav

Received by e-mail from Reb Yerachmiel:

I just read, nebach, about the terrorist attack on Mercaz Harav, Hashem Yikom Da'Mam.
Undoubtedly the recent issues and violence in Eretz Yisroel will prompt our individual and collective tefillos and tehillim rallies.
Nonetheless, I just wanted to highlight a phrase we say every morning in the second of Hallilukah's immediately following Ashrei:

"הַשָּׂם-גְּבוּלֵךְ שָׁלוֹם" (Tehillim Perek 147, Pasuk 12):

We praise Hashem as "The One who makes our borders peaceful." In addition to all the "extra" kapitlach, it's kedai to have special kavana on these words, which strike me as incredibly on-point.


-Dixie Yid

(Picture courtesy of Israel National News)

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jack said...

as the young man who shot the terorist said,these young innocent children murdered,with guns given to the murderrers by ehud olmert yemach shemo,
this criminally insane,traitorous
gangster,has turned all of israel into another auschwitz and another warsaw gheto,where jewish men women and children are bombarded day and night,and children slaughtered in their schools.
just pray to god that his cancer spreads real fast,and this traitorous swine, this jewish kapo dies a most paifull death,before he has a chance to completely destroy our g-d given israel

Kosher Foodie said...

Baruch Dayan HaEmes!