Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rav Shmuel Brazil & Abish Brodt - Melaveh Malka in Yerushalayim

Check out this link for a beautiful musical Melaveh Malka with Rabbi Shmuel Brazil and Abish Brodt at Rav Shmuel's new yeshiva, Zeev HaTorah.

I included this picture above because Rav Naftali Jeager (above, left) is the Rosh Yeshiva of Shor Yoshuv in Far Rockaway, NY where I learned for three years after graduating YU. And if you are familiar with Rav Shmuel Brazil, you are also aware that he has been a Rebbe at Shor Yoshuv for over 30 years.

Picture of Rav Naftali Jeager visiting Rav Brazil at Zeev Hatorah courtesy of Zeev HaTorah. Click here to get Dixie Yid in your e-mail Inbox or here to subscribe in Google Reader.


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Tremendous. It's a Regesh Reunion