Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why Be Jewish?

Remove any potential distractions for a moment and consider the following quesitons:

1. If I could choose, without fear of punishment, social ostracism, or guilt, to become a non-Jew and therefore no longer be bound to fulfill the mitzvos or avoid (almost) any aveiros, would I do it? If so, proceed to the end.

2. If not... If I could choose to do so, would I choose to be Jewish, but pick which mitzvos I wanted to be obligated to keep, and which ones I no longer wanted to keep, would I do it? If yes, proceed to the end.

3. If not... If I could choose to keep all of the mitzvos in the Torah, but I could elect to no longer be bound to keep just one halacha that I've, perhaps, always wanted to shed, would I do it?

If you or I have to honestly answer "Yes" when considering any of these quesitons, the next question is, "So what now?"

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Neil Harris said...

Nice. Hopefully sales will go up!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Powerful lead.