Monday, November 3, 2008

Easier Way to Read Blogs (Including Dixie Yid!)

For those of you out there who have to go to several web addresses to check your favorite blogs, there are less time consuming ways to do this, in order to maximize your time.

Right now, 55 of you are already using Google Reader to read Dixie Yid (Wow, as of 11/8, it's 68!) and 93 of your are subscribing by e-mail. Different ways of reading might be better for different people.

I'm usually crunched for time, so to keep up with the kosher-ish part of the jblogosphere and with legal news, I use Google Reader. It's great because whatever blogs or websites with an rss feed you want to keep up with, you just have to copy/paste their url one time into Google Reader, and then you just go to that site whenever you want to check all of the blogs you would like to keep up with. Basically the full posts (complete with pictures and links) come up and you just scroll down through all of the latest posts from all of the blogs that you're following, all at one site. If you want to see the post in the blog where it comes from, you just click on the headline and a new window opens up to view that site. It is updated pretty much to the second.

-Dixie Yid

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Neil Harris said...

I happen to like googlereader.