Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Da Es Atzmecha - Sefer Translation is Online!

The English translation to the first section of Da Es Atzmecha is online at HERE. I've added it to my permenant links in the Bilvavi section of my right side bar. Many have asked me about this so enjoy!

-Dixie Yid

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A Simple Jew said...

Do you know if they are going to offer the translation in English for sale in book format?

I for one would be very interested.

Anonymous said...

I hear that the translator is working on an edited edition for a book format. Money is also being raised for this purpose, so it will still take some time.

David5Ts said...

It appears that the translation begins with Chelek B, which is also where R' Weinberger began his shiurim on the sefer.

Neil Harris said...

R Weinberger's shiurim are great. I've started going through the translation and it happens to read really nicely!