Monday, June 2, 2008

Rabbi Chaim Morgenstern Speaking in Toronto, Passaic & Detroit

Rabbi Chaim Morgenstern will be in Canada & the States from June 25th – 30th. You can read the articles he has contributed here at Dixie Yid HERE. He will be giving the following talks:


-Shabbos June 21st 6 pm, at the Aguda, 129 McGillivary Ave.,
On the topic of “Coping With Anger & Insults”,


-Shabbos June 28th 6 pm, at the Kollel 15230 Lincoln.
On the topic of “Coping With Anger & Insults”,


-Monday June 30th 8 pm, at Deyo, 147 High Street
On the topic of “Communication – Key to a Happy Marriage”

(During his visit he can be contacted at 952-261-7606)

-Dixie Yid

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