Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Berchas "Ve'Lamalshinim"- Those who love Hashem, must hate evil - Audio Shiur

Reb Yerachmiel has come through with his latest shiur from the Baltimore Community Kollel Tefillah Chaburah.

In this shiur, Reb Yerachmiel continued the limud of berchas "Ve'Lamalshinim" in Shemoneh Esrei.

Like all brachos and bakashos in Shemoneh Esrei, berchas "Ve'Lamalshinim" should, ideally, have its own unique feeling it engenders in the mispalel.

In teaching a ma'amar from the writings of Rav Shimshon Pincus zt"l (Nefesh Shimshon on Siddur Ha'Tefillah, p. 417) which describes just how deeply "Evil" can, and has, penetrated, Reb Yerachmiel suggests that perhaps the unique feeling of berchas "Ve'Lamalshinim" is alluded to in the words of Dovid Ha'Melech which each of us say every Friday night: "Ohavey HASHEM, Sinu Ra"; “Those who love HASHEM, must hate evil”.

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-Dixie Yid

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