Thursday, January 24, 2008

Shabbaton Coming Up in Indianapolis, IN With Simply Tzfat

Thanks to Steven Frankel, in Indianapolis, IN, I wanted to pass on this flyer he sent me with information on a Shabbaton in Indianapolis, IN on March 7th and 8th. It will feature Simply Tzfat.

Date: March 7/8th
Place: 6510 Hoover Road, Indianapolis, IN 46260
RSVP: 317-253-5253

Click on the image to get the rest of the details.

Update: Rabbi Zvi Leshem will be in Indianapolis the following weekend, March 14/15 for a Shabbaton the shul there. Rabbi Leshem will be giving the drasha and speaking 1 hour before mincha on that Shabbat. The Shul will also be celebrating the 80th birthday of his father (a Holocaust survivor) - so please join them for lunch! There is no fee.

-Dixie Yid

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Neshama said...

I am having trouble downloading the dissertation on the Holy Aish Kodesh. Seems the file type is not compatible with my computer.

It is NOT a regular pdf (which I can receive and open). Is there any way you or someone could email me a regular pdf (or MSWord doc) so I could read this?

DixieYid said...

I did get it as a regular pdf. Someone else had problems with it as well. So I contacted R Leshem & IY"H at some point after Shabbos, I'll have the problem fixed. Please check back then! Sorry.

And gut Shabbos!

-Dixie Yid

DixieYid said...

Gut voch & try downloading it agian. I'm having it hosted somewhere else now. hatzlacha raba!

-Dixie Yid

Bob Miller said...


The public Motzaei Shabbat concert by Simply Tsfat the night of March 8 is actually at nearby Hasten Hebrew Academy of Indianapolis (6602 Hoover Road, two buildings north of the Shul) in their cultural arts center. This is a new theater-like facility with very good acoustics and sightlines. There is plenty of parking in the south lot of the school.