Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"Al Ha'Tzaddikim": Combating Katusha Rockets with "Kedusha Rockets" - Audio Shiur

Presenting Reb Yerachmiel's latest Baltimore Community Kollel shiur and first on berchas "Al Ha'Tzaddikim" in Shemoneh Esrei.

In this shiur Reb Yerachmiel defines the terms "Tzaddik" and "Chassid" as explained in such classic works as the Mesillas Yesharim and the Avudraham, with the duel hope of enhancing our tefillos and igniting our desire for what we can (and must) strive to become.

Please listen to this shiur entitled "Tzaddikim and Chassidim- Definitions, and Daring to Dream" and, in Reb Yerachmiel's words, allow the strength of your Talmud Torah and Tefillos to combat our enemies' Katusha Rockets with our "Kedusha Rockets"; to combat their Kassam Rockets with our "Chacham Rockets"; and to combat their Grad Rockets with "Gayray HaTzeddek Rockets".

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-Dixie Yid

(Picture of Rav Shimshon Pinkus, zt"l courtesy of ShemaYisroel.com)

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Anonymous said...

Really really great shiur! Highly recommended. Thank you for posting

Anonymous said...

Indeed. Great title; great picture; great shiur.
Yasher Kochachem for sharing